Automatically collected information

The Webaratus servers log information such as IP address, host name and browser type. This can be used for fine tuning our pages to specific browsers and other information in web server logs can be used to administer and troubleshoot technical problems.


Cookies are used throughout the Webaratus system to store data such as personal settings and preferences. This is so that when you return to Webaratus we can pre-load your previous configuration. Some functionality of the Webaratus administration system may be lost if cookies are disabled.

Personal information

Personal information such as e-mail addresses, contact names and business names are collected by Webaratus.
E-mails are collected to communicate and supply information to our members, by supplying your email address you may receive correspondence like account verification emails, module expiry emails and website activity updates.
Business names are collected so we can create invoices that are addressed to your business.
Contact names are collected so that any correspondence can be addressed to the correct person.

No personal information will be distributed to any third parties.

Public information

Some information entered into the Webaratus system (such as website content data) is open to be accessed by the public. Keep in mind that any information that is entered is not exclusively locked to your website.

External links

Webaratus contains various links to third party websites. We take no responsibility for the content displayed on these websites.
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